Hospital and laboratory

Hospital and laboratory equipment encompasses a wide area of products where technical specifications assume an important role in decision making.

With PLT you can rely that all your requirements are fulfilled and if you need technical assistance, a team is ready to help you decide which equipment suits you best!

See bellow some important areas for your reference. PLT is able to supply most of the products used in this business category.


From MRI to simple X-ray systems or Ecography

Surgery Room

Operating theaters equipment from lighting to operating tables, anesthesia and ventilators from several different brands and origins are available for your convenience.


From low temperature systems, to vapor autoclaves for different applications and sizes, PLT is ready to supply you with both robust and advanced software programs equipment, depending on your necessities and work environment


From surgery microscopes, to diagnostic equipment - PLT is the one stop for all your necessities in ophthalmology.


According to your necessities we can design, supply, install, train and commission a full laboratory for your purpose. Please click the button to see in more detail the areas available.

Blood Bank

Equipment for the identification of blood types, centrifuges and blood component extraction can be purchased with PLT, Lda.

Just send us your request and we’ll be more than happy to assist you!

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