Computer peripherals

Computer and technology market are in constant evolution, where new products are developed in a rhythm never seen before. They adopt new shapes, they use new ways of connectivity, they assume new usages to follow and permit the consumer to benefit from all the potential that can be retrieved from the new approaches that electronic and informatics present.

Either for business or personal use, PLT serves the market linking manufactures and wholesalers with the best products to help and keep its customers with an efficient supply chain at competitive prices.

Bellow you may find some of the product ranges we work with, for both office and personal use, being wireless or cable connected. If you don’t find what you are looking for and through our extensive worldwide partnerships and market knowledge, feel free to send us your enquiry and we’ll be more than happy to work on your requirements.

Mouse & Keyboards

Professional and gaming mousses and keyboards, joysticks, grips and other gaming accessories.


Webcams, Monitors, Displays, Scanners, Projectors, Virtual Reality Glasses, and others


Loudspeaker, Headphones, Home systems, etc


Inket, Laser, Lable, 3D

Memory Storage

SSD, Drive pens, External HD, others


POS, Card readers, Crypto wallets


UPS, Powerbanks

Health & Leisure

Fitness wearables, measuring health parameters, others

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